Golf Buggy Safety Policy

It is the club's duty to make reasonable adjustments in relation to access to the course as per the Equality Act 2010, and consider disabled players who require the use of a buggy in order to play golf.  Reasonable adjustments are made on a hole by hole basis using risk assessments completed by the greens team. 

We are aware that blanket bans of buggies should be avoided and we must consider how disabled players can access holes that are safe to play whilst using a buggy. 

 "Whilst the ambition should be to offer the same access to disabled people as non-disabled people, the topography, turf conditions and weather conditions impact on each hole may mean that it is not possible to offer this." England Golf 

Please contact the club to check the conditions of the course if you require a buggy. 

Our Golf Buggy Safety Policy is available here and associated documentation below. 

Medical Confirmation

Golf Buggy Safety Policy Acknowledgement Form.

Course Status for Buggies

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